2018 TLC BFRB Conference



Here are some powerful and moving take aways by Carlee


I’m still riding the high from my first BFRB conference. To be honest, even though I have been meaning to go to one of these conferences for 15 years, I had fairly low expectations. I told myself that I already knew everything there was to know about BFRBs and assumed I wouldn’t get too much out of it. But I was so wrong. So wrong. This event completely exceeded my expectations. Continue reading “2018 TLC BFRB Conference”

Recently published article in The Washington Post

From Washington Post / Health & Science

Pulling your hair or picking at skin can be signs of serious disorders

Lucy Harper, 17, a high school junior who lives in College Station, Tex., has been picking at her skin for as long as she can remember. When she was in seventh grade, she also started pulling out her hair.“For a while my skin picking was under the radar, but it was because I was pulling my hair,” she says. “If I wanted my skin to clear up, I’d stop picking and start pulling. If I wanted my hair to grow back, I’d stop pulling and start picking.”She lost so much hair that her middle school classmates asked whether she was going bald. “I tried everything to stop picking and pulling,” she says. “I bought tons of fidget toys. I tried constraining my arm with a wrist brace. I got permission to wear gloves and a hat to school, and I even once went to piano lessons with Band-Aids on every one of my fingertips.” Continue reading “Recently published article in The Washington Post”

This is My Brave Show

This is My Brave

Auditions are closed! We have our LA cast for “This Is My Brave” and what a courageous cast it is. Save the date: January 22, 2017. Please donate or consider being a sponsor:


I am co-producing the show and 100 % of proceeds goes to ending the stigma around mental illness (anxiety, depression, bfrb’s and other related disorders.)