Joe Shelnutt, Texas

I can not find words strong enough or deep enough to convey my gratitude. I still can’t.  We searched for help here in Texas for almost two years before we found you across the country.  Without you our daughter would have lost all hope and understanding.
We can never repay you.
Thank you!

Sara, Saudi Arabia

As a person who’s been suffering from trich for 15 years and going through multiple therapists and psychiatrists, which didn’t yield any results, meeting Chaille was nothing short of miracle. With her I’ve learned to accept my journey with trich and have learned how to manage it. Her holistic approach helped me with all aspects of my life not just trich. She’s a very warm person which makes it that much easier to open up and trust her.

S. Ghamdi

Alexie, Michigan

I have been dealing with Dermatillomania for 12 years. I have been working with Chaille, once a week, since Spring 2016. She helps me find ways to control my urges. Chaille is the first person I have connected with who understands my struggles. I now know I am not the only one who suffers from this, and there is help out there. Having Chaille’s support gives me hope that I can be successful in managing my picking.

Elizabeth, Kalamazoo, Michigan

I am the parent of a daughter with Dermatillomania. Before I began corresponding with Chaille, I never had the opportunity to speak with anyone knowledgable on this condition. Like my daughter, I felt alone, helpless, and hopeless. I know longer feel that way. Chaille listens to my worries and frustrations and guides me to better understand how I can help her. It gives me great comfort knowing that my daughter and I have found someone who is honest, knowledgeable, and supportive while working towards managing this condition.

Sandy Hardin, Kentucky

Our 13-year-old daughter has been in remission for several months now because of the coaching she received from Chaille. It did not take long for our whole family to trust her ability to make us feel comfortable. We owe Chaille for the happiness that has been restored in our beautiful daughter and our family as a whole.