April 2021 Daring Way:”I am so glad I risked the unknown”

“I’m so glad I risked the unknown. Given how isolated, alone, and disconnected covid made me feel at times, The Daring Way course led by Chaille was the perfect antidote. It was such a healing delight to be centered with other wonderful and brave people who were risking vulnerability and authenticity. I am so grateful for Chaille and her insight, wisdom, and welcoming energy.” -Kate K

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Daring Way Workshop

“Joining the Daring Way, led by Chaille was the most courageous decision I’m so proud I risked taking. Chaille really set the culture so that group members could be vulnerable and flex the “risk and courage” muscles knowing we would be met with empathy and belonging. Chaille’s approach to this work made me feel seen, heard, and supported. I am so grateful for Chaille and her insight, wisdom, and welcoming energy. ” 

Kate Katz

Daring Way™ participant

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Dina Aman

I would recommend Chaille’s workshop to everyone. Because of the safe space Chaille creates, our group bonded quickly. I immediately relaxed and was able to show up completely vulnerable. I was moved to recognize our common struggles, our shared humanity, with such a diverse group. I gained tools for my limiting thoughts and walked away remembering to fill my life with laughter, creativity and joy. Chaille is very insightful, and has a unique way of intertwining her own vulnerability throughout the the teachings of each guidepost.

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I had the most life-changing experience taking the Rising Strong workshop with Chaille. She facilitates the workshop with such grace, patience, honesty, and inspiration. I had to work through some of my most difficult moments, and Chaille was right there to walk me through all of them. I’ll take this work with me for the rest of my life.

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